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"Bannex is a mystery wrapped in more Bannex"

Fives talking to Echo about Bannex

His Story

Bannex was a secret project on kamino called project Darkside, the project was a almost complete untill Ventress stole him, After the mission, Ventress was told to wait on plannet T'nab where she would leave him to grow in skill.A year later they meet again only this time Bannex is ready. After helping Echo get off T'nab he said he would only stay till Ventress had died! Soon after the Battle of Boz Pity, Bannex's fighting days were over, he left in his ship without looking back at his friends, after that he was never seen again...


Bannex is good at tons of thing like...

Sniping out enemys

Piloting ships

Sword fighting

fixing up ships

locating things using the sound of footsteps


jumping from unbelievable high thing (and living)

Can tell you the name of a planet just by looking at it


and telling jokes...

Bannex Behind The Scenes

Bannex was going to be a jedi but the idea was cut, so letter we started
E 177

Bannex's Helmet

using Mandex and K (Don't ask) so then we said he looked more like a clone so that was what we went with. Bannex was made as a tribute to Deadpool a marvel hero that loves to laugh and kill, witch is why Bannex is always making up jokes...Bannex is said Ban-ax