Echo on Comlink

The video starts off when Echo is running away from a Destroyer Droid or "Droideka."

He shoots, but misses the droid as it goes into its rolling form.

Echo gets closer to the droid, when suddenly an IG--86 Assassin Droid kicks Echo in the head, with enough strength to kick Echo's helmet onto the ground.

Echo struggles to get up, then he sees something, a blaster rifle. He picks it up and shoots the Assassin Droid in the head. The droid falls down and is dead. With common sense, Echo also shoots the Droideka.

He slips his helmet on and sits down.

Echo activates his comlink and says "Is anyone out there? This is Echo, coming from sector seven. I need pickup."

Behind The ScenesEdit

This stop-motion was made on August 11, 2009 and has reached over 2,400 views.

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