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About FixerEdit

Leader of the 441st elite corps, Fixer named himself after famed republic commando Fixer. His growth acceleration failed at age "18" in clone years,so he was mostly unaltered after that. Most of his companions had a similar malfunction(And by order 66, half of them became rebels,which was some 700 troops,and the others some 500 who became imperials.) The main color of the 441st elite was dark green.

Fixers backgroundEdit

Fixer had multiple sets of armor to be undercover, or even so he didn't "live" in a suit too long. Fixer often wore armor similar to Deviss' on mostly suburban/run down settings.
Fixer had seen action on many worlds, and his personality was worried, sometimes anti-heroic. He strived for the good of everyone, whether poor or dying. He often felt small bits of resentment towards his superiors,who didn't understand that the Republic had flaws. When the Empire formed, he served few missions before he quit after supposedly dying on Jubilar. After the Jubilar incident, he had recieved an artifical knee cap(which was replaced by a cloned one) because of severly shattering it. His closest trooper was also dying of clone degeneration, because of his severly altered aging process. Fixer had served the Rebellion, as a combat engineer. He had survived even through the legacy era,of which when most Fett clones had died.

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