K is a bounty hunter/Jedi in the qandqfilms series Echo Location.

K's Early LifeEdit

Before he was K, his name was Kaos. He lived with his brother Mandex on T'nab. Mandex knew Kaos was more powerful then he was, so he made Kaos feel weak by unexpectedly attacking him. One day some Mandelorians found the two; they also noticed his powers so they trained them how to us a lightsaber. Once the two got well trained the Mandalorians sold them to the Separatists. Kaos didn't like the idea of being slaves to the Sepretist so he and Mandex sprung into action. Kaos was destroying driods when he saw Mandex killing the Mandalorians that trained them. That's when he vowed to trust no one, not even Mandex. Asajj Ventress appeared to attacked the two, Mandex charges her, Kaos follows. The battle was intense. Ventress was surprised so she blasted Mandex with force lightning. Thats when Kaos lost it, he strongly attacked Ventress. She couldn't keep up, so she blasted him with force lightning. Kaos not affected by the strong blast of lightning disarms Ventress and that's when she force chokes Mandex and makes an offer they could not refuse. Kaos was renamed him K.

K in Echo LocationEdit

After Mandex's death, K saw the explosion from far off he knew Mandex was dead. He saw The Condor fly from the blast, Letter that day he was told that a group of clones had killed Mandex. He swore that he would stop them no matter what....