Katav is Mandolorian who betrays his loyalist ways of peace and go's back to what he refers to as the Complete Mandolorian, the fighting mandolorian and goes back to the mandolorians barbaric ways. Katav, although he joined Death Watch he beleives in the morals of war. All Katav wants is to go back to his normal ways. Hence he was banished to the moon of mandolore but there he grew stronger and didnt lose the will to fight, then one day the seperatist ship came....... Carrying droids like no other he had seen before (because he was banished to a moon for 20 years) but these droids were no peace droids these were war droids so, Katav and his fellow warriors fought back against these war machines and fought back did they. For a year now the droids have taken over but Katav stopped at nothing to destroy them. Then one day something happened to his DeathWatch brothers, they swithched sides, and tryed to kill him. Being a mandolorian Katav hated that but then came the shiny white ships that dropped clone's of the mighty Jango Fett and Katav met a jedi, that promoted him to a General of the Clone Legions on the moon. For now His clone legion the 908'th Assault legion leads the assault on deathwatch and the CIS forces