Kenju 1

Kenju, equal to Commander Cody in the 212th Legion.

Kenju's name is based on the word gun in Japanese. (Kenjuu 拳銃)

It seemed that he was always carrying some kind of gun.

About KenjuEdit

Kenju is a member of the 212th Battalion. He has his own sqaud inside the 212th and he is equally ranked to Commander Cody. (That's why he has a pauldron.)

Kenju grew up as a clone, but always was a bit reckless. He was one of the first clone troopers, and the only survivor of them. Since the Kaminoans were still testing with the DNA, Kenju has the recklessness of Jango Fett.

He was one of [[1]]'s closest brothers, he always watched his back until that day...

Kenju 2

*Sigh* "I really hate this mission.."

Real Life StuffEdit

Kenju is voiced by DarthSkywalker727 in Echo Location (Soon to be Approved or Disapproved)