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Mandex's Early LifeEdit

Mandex as a child was older but not more powerful then his brother K, at a young age he and his brother were lost on T'nab till a band of Mandalorians found and trained them till they were the best. But one day everything changed, the mandalores were going to sell the two to Ventress. They knew what would happen an ran, but there escape was short lived, a group of droids and bounty hunters took the two back to Ventress, But the two finaly did what they always could do...They used the force to crush every last droid, Ventress looked at the to with a smile and started to laugh "HA" she said "You don't know what power is" and in a flash she shot out a burst of lightning hitting Mandex, Mandex laded on the ground in pain. His brother grabing a lightsaber from one the bounty hunters, he leeped into action, striking down on Ventress's saber she soon stopped the lightning and started to fight, and soon Mandex joined. Ventress soon figured out this is a battle she wourld not soon win. So ventress maid a deal with the two, one they could not pass up...Mandex was sent out to spy on Echo and his friends

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