Geminic Rik on the Battle of Coruscant

Master Gus

Master Gus

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He was discovery at Nar Shaadar, with smuglers. Count Dooku discovered him.
When He was 4 years old he came to the Jedi council, and at the of 12 he was trained by Master Saese Tiin. When The clone wars beggin he finished his training and got an apprentice, Geminic Rik, and they together Lead the 847th Battallion, with Commander Quintin.
In the battle of Nar Shaadar ( home planet of Master Gus) Master Gus Lead the army, with his apprentice and more then 10 jedi (7 padawans and 3 Masters). Grievous was in the Battle and he had a lot of Tanks and droids... 6 jedis died (3 jedi Maters and 3 Padawans) and when Grievous was going to kill the survivors, Geminic Rik apears and defeat Grievous in a duel but the separatist general escape. Because this, Rik became a Jedi Master and they won the Battle.
Rik and Gus relationship, was like Aanakin and Obi-Wan's, and Gus is great in two sabers stille, he also was invited for be part of the Jedi Council, but he refused. In the Order 66 he survived, going to his Natal Planet, Nar Shaadar, to have a normal life. But Vader has found him. In the end he died in a lightsaber battle with vader.

Rik, his aprendice survived in the Order 66 and he join the Rebellion.