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About StazEdit

Staz was an ordinary clone that got sent to Kashyyyk on a peace mission to create an alliance with the Wookies. The Wookie king, Tsu'tsey declared war on the Republic and a small, unknown civil war broke out. When Staz's gunship got shot down and crashed into the Wookie temple. Staz, the only survivor killed the Wookie king, and a new king took over. King Tar'sueniss. Staz Was then moved to the 211th airborne battalion under the orders of commander cody. Cody enjoyed watching Staz improve, so he brought him up to second in command. Staz and Denal (501st Leigon) were great friends. When Bounty Hunter, Cad Bane (Wanted By the Republic, Considered Very Dangerous) Killed Denal, Staz Swore he would make that quote "Sleemo" eat bantha poodoo. Staz Now lies with Commander cody and Captain rex in the outer rim, on search for the treachorus bounty hunter...

Second In CommandEdit

Staz is second in command to commander Cody and Kenju, If anything happens to them...Then their men couldn't be in safer hands.